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We’ve probably all heard the saying, “Can’t find the woods for the trees.” In FlexJobs, our intention is to assist job seekers see both the forest and that the trees. We would like people to know how to locate jobs they’re interested in and qualified for quickly and economically as possible but also to comprehend the big picture of work dedication.

FlexJobs’ innovative search is a fantastic instrument to assist job seekers type through tens of thousands of open tasks in a little bit of time. With over 30,000 occupations recorded in the FlexJobs database, being able to narrow down results would be really a huge time-saver. Here we are helping you begin using a guide.

FlexJobs FAQ: Advanced Search ChoicesSearch for Jobs

Situated on the ideal side of most pages on FlexJobs, below the “Search for Jobs” sidebar, you will notice an “Advanced Job Search” link. When you click on it, you’ll come across a number of areas expand or to pinpoint your search.

  • Keywords:-LRB-*************) You can use this search if you’re using a particular term employed in your area or for general hunting. If you choose the check box beneath the area the system will look the term.
  • Exclude Words:-LRB-*************) It is possible to filter places without specific keyword phrases or phrases by entering them in this discipline.
  • U.S. Location:-LRB-*************) This region may allow a person to choose the state they reside in. Search by zip code, or state, city, area and you’ll get both local and national places which are available for that region.
  • Global:-LRB-*************) For members out of america, you can look for positions in your nation by using the drop-down collection of nations. Advanced Job Search
  • Job Types:-LRB-*************) Below you’ll discover the region to select if you’re especially searching for freelancer, worker, volunteer, internships, and temporary tasks.
  • Function Schedule:-LRB-*************) This area will enable you to decide whether you’re searching for part-time, full-time, alternative program (nighttime or evenings), or other elastic schedule  agreements.
  • Groups:-LRB-*************) This is the quickest and simplest way to look for tasks on FlexJobs. Our investigators put every task they find into classes, which allows to view without attaching them into a search positions which may be a great match.
  • Telecommuting Level:-LRB-*************) This option can make it possible for a member to choose if they’re searching for a 100 percentage telecommuting place or a location that provides partial or mainly telecommuting.
  • Career Level:-LRB-*************) You are able to filter your project results dependent on the degree of job that you’re considering. This search function will provide you.
  • Traveling:-LRB-*************) This area will permit you to filter tasks by their travel demands.
  • Featured & Award-Winning Employers:-LRB-*************) This is a very distinctive feature we provide on FlexJobs. Businesses that are featured are companies that utilize FlexJobs within their process and post jobs directly. Award-winning companies have won fame as an accomplished business, including Fortune 500, Working Mother, and other accolades. If you’re thinking about searching for these companies in opportunities, choose the business name or accolade in the menu.

Advanced Search Options Tips

The advanced search options lets you pick several search criteria in precisely the exact same moment. Word of caution: it’s much better not to even get also special. You might wind up exporting jobs which might have been a fantastic 24, should you complete each class from the job search.

A great guideline would be to begin with choosing a class, telecommuting degree, and place. This research will provide you a comprehensive idea of the kinds of jobs. As soon as a search is completed by you, you are able to save it or change it with the sidebarside.

So if you’re seeking a telecommuting consulting standing in Arkansas or a part-time HR occupation in Pennsylvania, utilizing the advanced search alternatives is a terrific way to quickly find jobs that meet your standards so that you can move on to another step of the work search procedure.

Ann Rozier contributed for this specific post.  

Originally published August 10, 2013. Updated July 28, 2017. 

Photo Credit: bigstockphoto.com

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