Insurance Professional More “Relaxed and Happy” with Remote Job


Occasionally, companies may be slow to heat up to work versatility, or totally resistant to this. Our FlexJobs success story this week highlights after a former employer said no to her request to work an insurer who took things into her own hands.

Angela L. had reasoned that virtual work could be a excellent way to let her to keep her career in the insurance sector–and ease her husband’s career prospects also. Angela pressed, when it became apparent that working in the home was a no-go with her employer. She discovered that a full-time job and combined FlexJobs.

Angela’s elastic company is Kemper, a major nationwide insurer whose family of businesses comprises Alliance United, where Angela functions as a distant claims adjuster.

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Understanding When to Proceed

pertains to a short questionnaire we deliver to successful FlexJobs associates, Angela told us attracted many years of expertise in the insurer to her job hunt. “I’d been employed with a top major auto insurer for around (****************** years,” she wrote. “I actually wanted to have the ability to work from house to help ease my husband getting a project anywhere in america.”

In some cases, workers seeking work flexibility can  negotiate flexible work options with supervisors who are available to the thought. That was not true for Angela. “The company which I worked for didn’t possess this capacity nor did they possess the urge to begin,” Angela stated. This was her cue that it was time to proceed and discover.

Relaxed and Happy functioning Remotely

Now that she is working remotely, Angela told me there is lots to enjoy about working at home. “I think it assists with the business in relation to less phoning in sick,” she wrote. “Should I wake up and do not feel well, I could still muddle through here in your home and do my job”

Angela is lucky enough to enjoy excellent advantages at Kemper/Alliance United. “The business that I work has paid off and it is a lot simpler and less stress,” she explained. The upshot? “I’m more relaxed and joyful,” she wrote. Her contentment is consistent with research demonstrating that, often are more joyful than workers in traditional occupations.

Inspiring Words and suggestions for Additional Job Seekers

When it comes to nut-sand-bolts job search approaches, Angela provided a couple of takeaways from her FlexJobs experience. “I believe that maintaining your resume easy and adding a cover letter to each particular business you’re employing assists,” she wrote. “Assessing the companies you’re applying to is useful for you when comparing advantage packages, layoffs, etc.”

“that I am so happy I picked FlexJobs to ease my job shift,” Angela continued. “I tell all my friends to take a look. They won’t repent it” For job seekers who might be still undecided about the advantages of a FlexJobs membership, Angela advises, “Do it. Do not be fearful of change and do it. You won’t regret it. I wish I’d done it earlier.”

Angela’s looking ahead to a lot more years of elastic work.     “I have roughly 15 years into retirement,” she explained. “I expect to spend it doing precisely what I am doing today.”

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