Remote Ranking Helps Job Seeker Pursue Artistic Ambitions


Our FlexJobs success story this week focuses on a artist that discovered a distant job that is helping her pay the bills while she pursues her artistic dreams. Her narrative isn’t an unusual one. Truth is, several job seekers are currently currently looking for work to assist them pursue aspirations.

Jeannette D. was seeking for flexible work which would enable her to continue doing what she loved–her artwork. To this end, she discovered FlexJobs and began searching for work. She discovered a job for Paragon Planners, which offers solutions, land management, and support to customers in the business as a scheduler.

Together with her fulltime, distant job, Jeannette managed to ditch a grueling commute and also make much better use of her time by focusing on her artistic attempts. We are thrilled for Jeannette and would love to share about the way she discovered integration that was healthy.

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Utilizing Remote Function to Service Artistic Efforts

Jeannette’s purpose in searching for a home-based project was to earn space in her program for after her artistic enthusiasm. “I’m an artist that needed additional time to work on doing everything I loved,” she wrote in reaction to queries FlexJobs asks job seekers who have utilized our solutions to locate adaptive work. .

(**).”Working from my house will make it possible for this to occur,” she wrote. She had suffered a soul-sucking commute. “I live one hour from town I worked which took up four hours of the day, not counting the eight hours labored”

Remote Function Impacts Life for the Better

In the beginning, Jeannette understood that an at-home project will help her  attain her artistic aspirations. “Working from home may allow me the time that I want to concentrate on my artwork while still making a paycheck,” she wrote. “I have more time in the home to take care of my home and also to work on my artwork”

Jeannette’s discovery of FlexJobs left her conscious of the numerous opportunities for adaptive work, across several job classes. “It’s opened my eyes more chances I was unaware of and just how a lot of the opportunities are from the tech branch,” Jeannette wrote.

“I had been blessed to discover a place in which my abilities as an organized private helper could be put to use,” she explained. “I’d never had found that position with no FlexJobs.”

Tips and Techniques for Job Search Inspiration

(**))Jeannette implemented some special strategies to take advantage of her FlexJobs membership. “General surfing of the telecommuting projects is where I found my occupation,” Jeannette wrote. “In tailoring my hunt, the job didn’t seem (although many private assistant projects did.)”

“My resume and cover letter assisted when hunting [but] my abilities are so extensive, and with a level, [a general search] pulled [in] many occupations I did not really qualify ,” Jeannette said. “It was wonderful to have the ability to explore those places farther.”

Jeannette had sage advice for job seekers weighing whether to investment at a FlexJobs membership. “Go right ahead and take the jump,” she wrote. “We (and I really do mean most people) invest in things we do not actually require. This might lead one to the job that you are dreaming about.”

She added: “Having FlexJobs accessible to people that are trying to get a telecommuting position is an excellent support. With no FlexJobs, I wouldn’t have been hired with the excellent company I work for a scheduler.”

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