Remote Transcription Job Helps Woman Support Family Finances


It is always advisable to hear by FlexJobs associates whose past career experience has helped them transition to only the ideal elastic job. Therefore it is a legal secretary who discovered a great transcription job that is helping her service her household’s finances, with the topic of the FlexJobs success story of the week.

Not merely can Stacey T. put her own hours inside her elastic contract place, she is able to devote her time to her family’s company, which can be at its busiest during the summer months. Stacey discovered a freelance job, employed for Transcripts, which offers transcription services as a law enforcement transcriber.

Stacey’s new elastic job is a contract position that is 100 percent telecommute.

Here is more about the way Stacey discovered a distant transcription project together with her FlexJobs membership:-LRB-*****)

Household Finances a Motivating Factor

Just like most job seekers searching for supplemental income, Stacey told me that an excess paycheck was a large reason she began her search for adaptive work. “Family finances have been demanding the last several decades, so I was searching for some thing to help earn some additional funds to help cover bills,” Stacey said.

However there were other reasons too–not the least of which was Stacey’s look for adaptive work that could fit in the season program ordered by her family’s company. “Due to other duties, I’m not able to perform any job on Sundays and Mondays,” Stacey wrote, responding to queries FlexJobs asks members who have utilized our solutions to locate flexible work.

Stacey continued: “Throughout the summer, my spouse and I have a commercial drift gillnet fishing industry wherein we’re functioning 22-hour-long days. Due to these things, it’s not possible to discover a normal job wherein you need to inform the company, ‘Sorry, I can not operate Sundays and Mondays, and through the summertime, I can’t devote any moment in any way.'”

Specific Expertise to the Rescue

By the beginning of her job hunt, Stacey put her sights on finding elastic work that could build on her profession history. “Since I’ve about 24 years’ experience working as a legal secretary and I love transcription, I wished to find something I could do in the home and have flexible hours,” she wrote.

Stacey also had realistic expectations of what her earning potential may be. “I knew from research that what I created would be inadequate to support the household, but might help earn some additional funds,” she explained. “I was fine with this.”

Working from house along with controlling her own program has had a positive effect on Stacey’s work-life equilibrium–and the further paycheck is a fantastic thing also, she explained. “It will help take off some stress our loved ones [regarding] are we will have the ability to pay our invoices or maybe not,” she explained. “And when our finances increase later on, it merely helps bring in some more cash to place into savings for retirement.”

Tips and Strategies to Inspire Your Own Job Hunt

Just how did Stacey create the most of her FlexJobs membership? “I feel the best job search approaches I discovered was exploring businesses,” Stacey wrote. “I wished to understand what they did and what people believed about them. I wanted to be sure my abilities would match the need that they were trying to find.”

What is more, Stacey job searched together with assurance, knowing that FlexJobs vets each of the tasks in our database to get validity. “There are plenty of scams out there,” Stacey wrote. “However, FlexJobs is the actual thing. You need to be cautious of what you discover online. FlexJobs isn’t a scam and that I urge anyone searching for a flexible task to combine FlexJobs.”

The lowest line for Stacey? It is that linking FlexJobs was a solid choice. “I discovered an ideal solution through FlexJobs,” she wrote. “I finally have a job of transcribing at home and that I get to select which tasks I need to do. There are deadlines, so I pick on on the ones that I know I can finish in time. It is a perfect match for me personally.”

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