Webinar: How to Guard Your Career from Future Extinction, Today


We have all read stories or heard stories of professions jobs which become inherently obsolete–extinct–because of the always-advancing character of technology. This webinar, together with our guest livelihood specialist Marc Miller, creator of Career Pivot,¬†will instruct you exactly what to do should you end up facing obsolescence on your livelihood and strategies to remain relevant in your selected business or change your abilities to another field of work.

What is career extinction, just?

Marc delivers several examples of what’s frequently called “creative destruction,” where livelihood fields are disrupted and made obsolete due to technological progress:-LRB-****)

  • The piano sector from the U.S. went out of generating 400,000 pianos annually in 1905 into 30,000 now, as a result of technologies pushing music ahead of the phonograph to radio and today to audio streaming solutions.
  • Kodak went from being among the world’s biggest camera firms to declaring bankruptcy in 2012 since it did not keep up with the development of digital photography (although it established the very first digital camera 1975).

What’s your own project being influenced by technology now?

What is changed on your career field during the previous five or 10 or 20 decades?

Nearly each occupation and career field will experience at least some sort of creative destruction, and that means you have to get ready to guard yourself and keep relevant. This webinar will demonstrate how.

Webinar: How to Safeguard Your Career from Future Extinction, Today

Live Event Info

Tuesday, August 1, 2017, in 1 p.m. ET (12 CT, 11 MT, 10 PT)

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Concerning Our Guest Expert: Marc Miller

Marc Miller is the creator of this “career design company” Career Pivot. Career Pivot helps professionals proceed through practical measures toward professions. About imaginative destruction and livelihood extinction, Marc says, “You can no longer sit back and expect nothing to change. If you would like to be workable and continue to make an income later (****************************) then you have to be nimble.”

In this webinar, Marc will instruct us how to become nimble in our professions! Wondering exactly what the webinars of Marc are really like? Check out this movie of our training from last summer, on “How to Turn Career Failures into Future Successes.”

If you attend this webinar? Yes! In case …

  • you wish to be certain you’ve got a viable career today and in the long run
  • You’d love to understand how to generate more opportunities for your self
  • You are considering just how elastic and distant jobs can help safeguard your profession from extinction
  • You wish to find out more about Career Pivot and FlexJobs

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